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As our country grapples with social unrest, now is the time to remember that welcoming diverse points of view. Diversity is not only the right thing to do, it makes businesses more successful. So, keep in mind that open minds lead to opportunity, and here are a few ideas to make your business more diverse:

  • Recognize how employees’ varied religions, generations, politics, social and family influences can bring fresh insights to brainstorming, planning, and customer service.
  • Contemplate how employee’s previous work experiences can help your business avoid pitfalls or trim time from daily tasks.
  • Consider hiring remote workers or part-time staff for appropriate tasks. Be sure to include them in planning and product development.
  • Take time to ask the opinions of individual staff members.
  • Communicate on a personal level to understand the lives of employees. Where did they work before they joined your team? What was that culture like? What activities do they enjoy, and which organizations do they support outside of work?
  • Change up your meeting leaders. A new voice at the head of the table can change the tone and shake up the viewpoints of the group.



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